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In 1996 Mark worked as a Software and Hardware Analyst at Gartner,

conducting market research for companies like IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Apple. At that time, Apple was busy building out its hardware portfolio of iMac devices and was very curious about how it’s counterparts were planning to shift to new business models. They were interested in how to be successful with Software as a Service (SaaS), Device as a Service, and the emerging field of PaaS. 


Mark conducted direct market research with leading hardware and software companies to determine their investment plans into SaaS and other emerging business models to become more relevant to their customers and resistant to competitive threats.


In 1999, Mark began at Gomez as the Online Music, Electronics, & Auctions Analyst.  He was frequently asked about Apple’s iTunes, eBay’s Auctions Marketplace, and the ever upcoming battle between Amazon, BestBuy, and the other big box stores that dominated the massive consumer electronics market.  Mark directed the ranking of the top Consumer Electronics websites. 


One of those rankings caught the attention of Jeff Bezos.  Mark met with his top executives for a deep dive into how Amazon could rise in the Gomez Rankings and what they could do to become the #1 online retailer for Consumer Electronics.  After meeting with his team, Jeff wasn’t able to make it to dinner with Mark and the two never met.  In Mark’s Podcast with Wayne Veldsman, he talks about his experience and how Jeff still owes him dinner.


In 2004, Mark worked at Bard, now Beckton Dickenson, who had just sold the company to ConMed.  Unfortunately, because of the sale, the technology transfer of their medical product line suffered and the engineering team's innovation cadence went from 100MPH to 5. Where Bard used to be #2 in the market the sale of the company and slowed innovation drastically impacted their standing. To fix the problem, Mark searched the market and found an innovative solution that helped GI and Pulmonary docs locate and remove 100% of the cancer during each treatment so patients never had to worry about it returning years later. 


Previously, doctors only cut out what they see leaving cancers behind that could grow faster if left unchecked. Some studies at the time even showed the miss rate on certain cancer types to be as high as 30%. Mark launched the Beamer System of Argon Gas Dual Mode therapy that gave the patients complete treatment and doctors a better tool for battling hidden cancer.  Through innovative messaging and a sales promotion, the team hit the annual sales budget in 6 months and the top rep walked home with a BMW (Beamer) car.  Most importantly, hundreds of patients walked home cancer-free. 


In 2012 Mark joined the ZOLL software team as the Director of Product Marketing.  He noticed the company did not have video-based testimonials, a digital marketing team, and modern tools for the sales team to use in front of customers.  He spearheaded the creation of an iBook on Apple’s books platform and later developed an app-based sales tool kit that allowed sales reps to build custom presentations and send pre-approved content that shared usage metrics back to the rep to determine which accounts needed followup and which were still consuming content. 


At the end of his tenure, more than 500 sales reps around the world adopted the platform transforming how the company revolutionized the buyer journey for its customers.  In the first year alone, sales increased by 20% through this innovative platform being in the hands of a talented and hungry sales team.


In 2020, Mark became the acting CMO of StrideTech's innovative team. Their product is designed for seniors to help reduce the risk of falls while using a walker. This works by providing instant vibration feedback to seniors warning them to change their position so that a fall is less likely to happen  Through his coaching, StrideTech perfected their product demo pitch and earned a spot in the prestigious Boomtown Accelerator program, an off shoot from the acclaimed Y Combinator in Silicon Valley.  


Gambale Labs recognized an opportunity to rebrand the company and the product and launched a new website in time for Boomtown’s Demo Day, where Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank presided over the demo day pitch of the new StrideTech brand to investors.  Our work resulted in providing the branding story that attracted a new CEO and the completion of a pre-seed round of funding for product development.


Gambale Labs was hired by a company named allt (www.allt.tv) to assess their app product and readiness for launch.  Allt build an app which provides a novel user experience for accessing TV, movie, and sports show content (trivia, actor and actress details, and player stats) on a second screen while streaming.  

Unfortunately, allt lacked both confidence and data to show the value of their platform to content providers and advertisers who had limited faith in this new app.  Furthermore, allt had no customers from whom they could collect qualitative and quantitative data on their product platform.  


To solve these challenges, Allt partnered with Gambale Labs to conduct digital diary research with a set of multiple streaming customers around the world.  The goal of this study was to gain an understanding of how the platform is being received, what additional potential use cases the participants saw, how likely they were to adopt and use the platform. The results of our research included recommendations for changing product strategy, prioritizing features for the roadmap, and providing product marketing for their launch.  Furthermore, out insights enabled allt to gain the necessary data on their platform's value to the market. 


In addition, the recommendations from our research drove the company's development and product launch strategy.  The user results and associate data enabled allt to quickly sign partnerships agreements with two streaming content providers, Plex and Cluch.  Previously, they were uncertain of allt's ability to provide a second screen app that would have high consumer use and viability for instream advertising.  

Lastly, the recommendations from our research helped allt formulate a detailed go-to-market plan for launching the allt app to consumers.  As of late, they have six collaborators and more on the way.  



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