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Mark Gambale

Mark is a seasoned business growth coach for entrepreneurs. His years of experience leading development teams, executing marketing strategy, and providing insights for corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon helped him to become a leader in innovation and business development.

More recently Mark has coached entrepreneurs across multiple industries for B2B and B2C SaaS services. After years of growing companies from within with disruptive innovation, Mark founded Gambale Labs to teach executives how to do this on their own.  

Mark has served as a Merlin and Boomtown Mentor to help share his knowledge with the next generation of entrepreneurs. He now volunteers on the Louisville Revitalization Commission to build a more vibrant community in Louisville, CO.  In his free time, Mark enjoys traveling, writing, snowboarding, alpine skiing, roller skiing, mountain biking, baking, gardening, writing music, and learning the guitar.


Bucket List: Take Family to Galapagos, Write a book, Write an album of songs

Personality Type: ENTP

Wayne is an accomplished business growth strategist, success coach, and marketer. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs and businesses to grow both their mindsets and their income. After starting his first business in 2014, Wayne successfully launched and scaled a digital marketing agency to a 7-figure valuation before deciding to exit in 2019, to pursue other ventures.


Originally from Pretoria, South Africa, he grew up most of his life in SW Virginia and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Wayne actively works with entrepreneurs and businesses who're looking to take massive action and create drastic changes in their lives. Outside of business, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, racquetball, fitness, reading, and traveling.

Wayne Veldsman

Digital Director

Bucket List: Live overseas in Thailand or the Philippines, Travel the world as a public speaking professional, Help 1+ Billion people in this world.

Personality Type: ENFJ