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Creative and Fun Marketing Strategies

Make your audience laugh with these fun marketing strategies and examples that really work!


Everything about the Squatty Potty marketing strategy is pretty outrageous, but what can you expect it's Howard Stern's brainchild. The visual story, which is completely outrageous, is coupled with a narration with a very serious tone. Bring it all together and the commercial is actually very compelling, convincing and good for a laugh.

TIP: For example, say you have a company that makes dog food. Make everyone in your advertisement wear suits or tuxedos and write out an overly complex script with where business people discuss the best types of dog food with a matter-of-fact tone.

Why it works: most consumers check out when companies take themselves too seriously. You will instantly become more connectable, more real and more memorable by throwing a little bit of sarcasm into your marketing strategy.


At some point in everyone's life, they have spilled coffee, burnt their hand or slipped and fallen. However, this man does all three and then some. It's extreme, but we've all been in his shoes. Now, the audience feels a demand for the first aid kit.

TIP: what's something that gets in your way every day? A slight inconvenience that chills you to your bones? Maybe it's morning traffic, or stubbing your tow, or poor internet connection. Whatever it is, odd are someone else feels the same way about the same thing. So make a joke about it.

Why it works: human to human connection is the most important aspect of sales. Taking an every day, shared activities to an extreme will make people laugh while drawing them to your product because you created a demand for it.

The Element of Surprise

Tell me you weren't surprised when you watched this commercial. You can't! It's shocking! Admittedly, I have seen this commercial one too many times but every time it makes me smile or laugh.

TIP: Think about a movie, show or video that surprise you. Maybe the ending wasn't what you expected, maybe you had a jump scare, maybe someone did something extreme. For your assignment, watch some of America's funniest home videos and tag the ones that stood out to you the most.

Why it works: when does the element of surprise NOT work?

Eccentric sales person

Vince Offer, next to Billy Mays, is one of the most well known salespeople because of his high energy. Offer talks and moves with a fast yet engaging and interesting manner. People remember products such as Slap Chop and Shamwow because Vince Offer is such an entertaining and over the top spokesperson. Don't underestimate the power of a good infomercial.

TIP: recruit someone who has excellent communication skills and give them stream of consciousness-style, bulleted format script. Whatever you do, you do NOT want your spokesperson to memorize the script.

Why it works: eccentric people are easy to listen to because they feel more real and approachable. Offer, in this video, comes across a buddy that you are cooking with, rather than an up tight sales person.

Tell a funny story

Granted, this is a parody, but it has a lot of potential. The process of one person telling a personal story is a classic marketing tactic and is often very effective.

TIP: write a relatable story about your product that is packed with sarcasm but also intrigue.

Why it works: everyone loves imaginative stories. Stories are a key tool that connect people together.

Popular Culture

This Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial was a huge hit when it first came out. Why? because Star Wars is almost always a crowd favorite. Many Super Bowl commercials, in fact, often feature popular culture references from TV shows, to movies, to music and much more because it is a sure way to connect with the audience.

TIP: pick a movie franchise or TV series that you love. It could be Marvel, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Schitt's Creek or whatever else your heart desires and recreate the characters as a spokesperson.

Why it works: people get excited when they see other people like the same shows and movies as them. Popular culture references make your audiences feel seen and therefore they will be more likely to listen to you.

A Familiar Face

"Mayhem" commercials are effective because they are consistent. Every Allstate is more outrageous than the one before, but audiences love it more and more. The on-going joke of "mayhem" will likely always be a crowd favorite

TIP: create and develop a persona for your spokesperson that is easy to connect with but also very unique. To develop this character, you will have to do some research, watch videos and spend time writing a back story.

Why it works: a consistent representation or joke helps the audience feel as though they know the character and the character know them, therefore building a sense of trust.


These AT&T commercials with kids are golden because the kids are so innocent and so pure. Their answers are genuine and adorable, as expected by little kids. Kid videos are cute, funny and to the point.

TIP: brainstorm simple questions to ask a kid to talk about your product. It could be as simple as "what do you like about x?" or "what do you dislike about z?"

Why it works: kids give simple answers that are entertaining and often very truthful. If a kid can understand it and explain it, then you are doing your job right.


For every Super Bowl, there is at least 3 commercials that feature animals. Animals, especially dogs and horses, instantly connects with the emotional side of the audience. Most people have at least one pet and pet commercials

TIP: what's something that your pet does that is cute and funny? Use that tidbit and build a story around it that is sure to make other people smile.

Why it works: Stories around animals easy to connect to because most people love animals or have pets.

BONUS: Lean into popular trends on TikTok

I'm sure you've heard it before, but TikTok is the future of marketing. 60 second videos, with music, colors and fun filter keep audience engaged. Besides, if nothing else, it's pretty funny.

TIP: spend some time on TikTok exploring popular trends, popular sounds and popular hashtags. Pick a trend that fits you and run with it. The best thing you can do on TikTok is be yourself!

Why it works: Right now, Instagram and Facebook are popular methods for marketing on social media. Within a few years, most marketing will likely migrate to TikTok. Get your foot in the door now and get a head start!

Not sure where to start? We can help!

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