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Five Funky Facts about Mark Gambale

5 things you didn’t know about Mark

Mark Gambale. You know the name, but what about the story? At Gambale Labs, we want to discover what makes you different. Here are five things that make Mark different.

  1. He is an SNL enthusiast

As an SNL fanatic he has great taste in skits. He loves Digital Shorts. In fact, he was so inspired by the “Lazy Sunday” skit, that he actually wrote a similar skit of his own. Stay tuned, more on that to come…

2. He attended the top entrepreneurship school in the United States

Mark is an innovator and he wanted to be surrounded by people who were also fueled by curiosity and innovation. Mark only aims for the best. So, naturally, he attended Babson, the top entrepreneurship college in the United States for more than 25 years in a row, so he could hone into his natural skills as a positive influencer.

3. Jeff Bezos owes him dinner

Personally, I find this one to be particularly shocking. Back in '99, before it became an empire, Amazon was ranked as an under performer! But then, Mark stepped in. Mark worked with Bezos' team to improve customer relationship and overall performance. I would say, he did a pretty nice job.

4. Marketing was not his first choice

Mark’s father was a self-determined engineer. He knew he wanted to be an engineer, even if the people in his family were resistant to his goals. This story inspired Mark. He knew he wanted to enter a career that he would find fulfilling. It started with engineering, moved to business and then he finally found himself passionately invested in marketing and entrepreneurship. Now, as the Director of Customer Listening, Mark takes an anthropological view of discovering and telling your unique story so that it feels relational. It’s safe to say that he found his groove.

5. He wants to impact 8 billion people

Within my first few interactions with Mark, I could tell he was a dreamer. No, a big dreamer. He aims high so that he can push himself. Our digital director Wayne explained to Mark that one of the items on his bucket list is to impact 1 billion people. Mark took this eight steps further. He wants to impact 8 billion people. Quite the goal, if I do say so. Mark believes to achieve great things, one must set ambitious goals.

Now that you know a little bit about what makes Mark tick, tell us about you. We are dying to connect with you and learn about your five things that most people don’t know.

Check out Mark's podcast or visit our website to connect with us.

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