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Go Skiing for National Employee Appreciation Day!

National Employee Appreciation Day is only a few weeks away and this is your sign to go skiing.

Seems like strange advice for business owners, right? Well, you might be right. But, I’d challenge you to be open minded. In today’s world, everyone needs a little bit more time outdoors, a little bit more exercise, a little bit more human contact and, above all, a little bit more fun. Take your co-workers on a day trip skiing, have some fun and your business will benefit.

1.Bond with co-workers

If nothing else, this is an opportunity to spend one day connecting with your co-workers. Make an effort to get to know each person whether it’s on the chair lift, for a midday pint or racing to the bottom of a run. This quality time will blossom your employees and create an inviting and accepting work environment that will fuel creativity.

2. Something to look forward to

With the COVID-19 limitation, the end of the holiday season and colder weather looming, there is little to look forward to in the coming months. Many psychologists say that having something to look forward to everyday is the key to happiness. One exciting day will create a positive and productive atmosphere in your company.

3. Connect with Nature

By spending time outside, naturally, anxiety and depression levels drop. Why? Because there is no room for worry or stress when nature demands our immediate attention. Spending a long period of time outside boosts Vitamin D, concentration and energy levels. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy the views on the slopes?

4.Risk Taking is Team Building

Wake up, work, eat, rest and repeat. Sound familiar? It’s comfortable because it’s familiar but, a good business person is comfortable being uncomfortable and is excited to take risks. It’s time for something new and maybe even scary. Skiing for the inexperienced skier is intimidating, but eventually everyone finds their legs. This metaphor shows that risk taking builds character, confidence and courage. Push your employees to conquer their fears and to embrace challenges.

5. Good exercise

It may not feel like it at the moment but even on the bunny hills you are burning calories! Exercise is essential for business performance because it raises endorphin levels, enhances mood and reduces stress. What’s even better -- while you’re skiing you will hardly even notice. Get your employees moving and their imagination and concentration will follow.

6. You never know who you might meet

Picture this: you’re on a ski lift and a random person joins you. You soon find out they are in the same line of business as you and they have similar interests as you. I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the interesting people you will meet and potentially connect with on a ski lift. Be open minded and seek conversation. Think of your ski lifts as speed dating for entrepreneurs.

7. It’s fun!

Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins will blast through your system while you zoom down that mountain. Welcome excitement into your business and you will see a new side of your employees. Laugh, smile, fall, get lost, drink a Colorado bloody mary, enjoy the sun and have fun!

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