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Get to Work and Get Vibey

Not sure how to start? This is how Gambale Labs took the first steps.

Pick 3-4 values to stand by

What do you care about? How do you want other people to describe your company? How do you want your ideas to impact the world around you? Do you want to inspire people think, act or feel? At Gambale Labs, we want to be known for being creative, ambitious and authentic. Your values are the foundation of your house.

Potential values: fun, commitment, accountability, honesty, teamwork, grit, passion, innovation, respect, charisma

Create a mission statement

Only 3% of the population sets goals. And of the people who do set goals, only 8% of them achieve their goals. A mission statement is just an overarching goal based on your values and your intended impact. It should be the best sentence you have and ever will write in your life.

To be that 8% who are successful:

  1. Aim high and be specific

  2. Collaborate with your support system

  3. Implement your values

  4. Based on your mission statement, create a plan

  5. Outline strategies to navigate road bumps

Identify inspirations

Who do you admire? Is it a visionary business person? Or an artist? Or maybe even a close relative? What qualities do you admire in this person? With hard work and commitment, you can become like those who inspire you or even surpass them. Our team is drawn to visionaries. Maybe you’re inspired by artists, or religious teachers, or social advocates. Nonetheless, study this person and learn how they accomplished their goals. Those who inspire you will help set the tone of your company.

To choose a source of inspiration:

  1. Trust your immediate instincts, who first came to mind?

  2. Associate one source of inspiration for each of your values

  3. Try free writing, see what comes to mind

  4. Think of people who overcame obstacles, how did they do it?

  5. Do some research

Choose 3-4 adjectives

You may be asking yourself, isn’t this the same as values? No. Adjectives are meant to describe the feel of your business. How do you want people to feel when they first visit your website? You have the opportunity to carefully design your first impression on someone. Visual appearance gives your customers subtle hints on who you are. How do you want to be perceived visually? All else will fall into place when you choose and use your adjectives with intention.

Potential adjectives: warm, colorful, simplistic, worldly, modern, traditional, approachable, sophisticated, comfortable

Pick a color scheme

A color scheme will come easily after you choose your adjectives. Ask any director, color is one of the most important storytellers. Colors will show other people who you are whether it’s a lot of color, minimal color or one repeated hue. Some colors have a universal understanding. For instance, yellow often represents happiness. Let picking a color scheme be fun!

Some tips

  1. Use a color wheel

  2. Survey your potential colors by pairing them with your adjectives

  3. Use sports teams and their color schemes as a source of inspiration

  4. Think warm (colorful, outgoing, approachable) and cool colors (comfortable, sophisticated, edgy)

  5. Sometimes several shades of one color can go a long way

  6. Black and white is an option

Create mood board

Use your adjectives and color schemes to help build a mood board. Log onto Pinterest, instagram or just use Google to let your creativity flow. Are you going for something comfortable, something trendy, something alternative or something completely original? This process may take a few tries to create the right feel. Be patient and open to feedback.

How to get started

  1. Try searching your adjectives, color schemes and sources of inspiration

  2. Save anything that stands out to you.

  3. After the saving and searching process, take a step back

  4. Come back later and survey what stands out to you the most

  5. Mix and match

  6. Put your favorite images together

  7. Write out your adjective next to your board

Seek outside opinions

Ask a stranger or a close friend how you can improve the feel of your business. They don't need to be an expert in business or an artist, they just need to be honest with you. Ask them what caught their attention first, what they like and dislike. Ask any writer, criticism can take something average and turn it into something truly outstanding.

Who to ask

A friend who writes

an open forum on the internet

marketing experts *cough* us *cough*

A social media strategiest

A former colleague

Seems like a lot to handle? Well it is, but we've got you covered

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