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Feeling Inspired by Inspirations

"Inspiration and motivation may come from others, but true inspiration comes from within"

Who inspires us

Any author will tell you, the most important aspect of a story is good characters. The first step to building a good character is identifying sources of inspiration. For some it’s an artist, a musician, a writer or successful business person. In our story, we are inspired by visionaries, someone who actively searches for ways to improve the world around them. Here are a few visionaries that inspire Gambale Labs.


Jeff Bezos

Most entrepreneurs would be kidding themselves if they said the work of Bezos did not inspire them. Amazon started as a failing online book store. Bezos took a small idea and transformed it into one of the most successful businesses in the world. Bezos never stops innovating and neither do we. We are inspired by his vision and persistence to his cause.

Thomas Edison

Did you know Edison is not the founder of the light bulb? In fact, he drew inspiration from physicist Sir Joseph Wilson Swan from the UK. Edison took Swan’s ideas, made them his own, expanded them and drastically improved them. At Gambale Labs, we build off innovative ideas. We see a good idea and aim to make it great.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci’s interest in human anatomy not only inspired the artistic movement of his time but he also uncovered the human structure. It was illegal to do dissections on the human body, but that didn’t stop Da Vinci. He followed his passions and he changed the world’s understanding of the human structure. Much like Da Vinci, we indulge ourselves in our passions and we believe is no limit to what we can do.

Elon Musk

Electric cars have been around since the early 1900s. But why do electric cars feel so new? Because early battery technology was incredibly flawed. But Musk saw an opportunity to create a battery of the future while also developing a sporty, sleek and fun image. Musk relied on other innovative leaders, such as Panasonic, to create a revolutionary car. As creative thinkers, we rely on other creative thinkers with diverse skills sets and areas of expertise. Like Tesla, we aim to partner with the best in business to leave a lasting footprint.

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs is not the original creator of a smartphone. Before iPhones there were Samsungs, Windows, Blackberrys and more. But jobs saw potential to build a new platform with elegance, simplicity and adaptability. He put together a strong team to implement his groundbreaking ideas. Jobs relied on teamwork to accomplish his mission and so do we. Our team is composed of critical, committed, driven and creative thinkers. We are a team of big dreamers who are prepared to fight for our mission.

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