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Is your company ready for a change?

40% of companies plan on connecting with new partners

Yes, 40%!

There are a few ways to approach 2021. One, we could approach it with fear, retreat and surrender. Two, we could continue “keep on keeping on,” wait out our current situation and try to stay afloat. Three, we could manipulate our challenges to become our strengths. We have chosen the latter and we are here to help you make the most of our current situation into the new year with a determined attitude.

  1. Work from home → make the online experience personal

We spend a large chunk of the day in front of a computer with limited access to other human beings. This can be tolling. Eventually, visiting different websites becomes white noise. Don’t let your website fade into the noise. Maybe it’s time to revamp to make your website stand out. Engage people by adding energy, colors, funny videos and quizzes. Be creative and be outrageous!

2. Digital transformation → experiment with storytelling mediums

Reading about a company on a computer screen can become extremely boring very quickly. Words can be too much. Brainstorm new ways to tell your story in an interesting fashion. Experiment with short videos, podcasts, clips from your favorite movie or gifs. Right now, visuals are everything! What images engage you the most visually? Movies? Music videos? SNL skits? Use that as inspiration. It’s okay to have fun with it!

3. Less in-person connections → expand social media outreach

I don’t know about you, but I miss seeing other people! Social media is a saving grace right now to help us remain connected with each other. How can you engage people online right now? Try moving your business to TikTok or snapchat or launching a podcast! Short, funny, and visually pleasing videos are at the center of the internet right now. Study social media and learn popular hashtags, sounds, filters and trends. Right now is the perfect time to dive into Clubhouse to watch your business soar. Your videos could go viral and attract a whole new world of customers.

4. Bored in the house → set goals & learn new skills

As the days get shorter and colder, boredom is likely to set in. You can prevent boredom by learning a new skill to expand your business. Try learning code, a new instrument, a new language, SEO or anything else that is screaming your name. You can learn partially anything you want to on Youtube. Be adventure, experiment and see what you are most drawn to. Create goals and set time aside everyday to develop your new passion

5. Stressful times → authenticity and transparency

In times like these, most of us are sick of fake positivity. Be real with your audiences. Many people are struggling right now. More people will be willing to connect with you when you are vulnerable. You become more real to people when you share your struggles. How has the pandemic impacted your business? How are you committed to overcoming your obstacles? How have your customers impacted you throughout this experience? Make a video about it.

Maybe this all sounds great to you, but you don’t know where to start. Let us know, we are here to help.

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