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Monday Morning Motivation for March (aka MMMM)

Happy March!

We are two months into 2021, how are your resolutions coming along? It's time to revisit you resolutions, evaluate where you are at and fix your eyes on the prize. March is your motivator.

If you are lagging behind, this blog is for you. Take 2021 is the perfect opportunity to take the bull by the horns and don't be ashamed to restart if you need to!

Schedule out promos at least once per week

The bad news is promos can be a drag. But the good news is that you can learn to have fun with it! Create a schedule for email campaigns, advertisements and social media. Be outrageous, engaging and unique and people will be sure to notice you. Every successful person has a well-thought out plan behind them. Get started today with Sign-post, Hoot Suite, Instagram Drafts, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads or whatever else is calling your name

Learn one thing new each month

The world is your oyster. Whether it is a new language, a new software or a new recipe, use this year to learn more about things you are excited about. By committing to yourself you are sure to discover new ideas and improve your business. Get started with resources such as LinkedIn Learning, Youtube, Duolingo and track your progress with apps such as Streaks.

Aim to add 5 new people to your network

Did you know the most effective way to grow your network right now is through Facebook Messenger? People are most likely to trust and connect with people that they know. Get to know more people in your industry this year. Good things are bound to happen with like minded people sharing their own interesting ideas. Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn or even social clubs to improve your network. You never know who might open the next door

Set goals weekly, monthly and annually

Did you know that very few Americans actually set goals? Goal setting is one of the most simple and effective ways to grow as a person and as a business and has numerous positive benefits. Make goal setting a habit. It can be as simple as: waking up early 3 times per week, or it can be as ambitious as running a marathon. Nonetheless, start setting goals every week.

Establish a healthy balance

With everything going on in today's world, maintaining a healthy balance is more important than ever. You are the core of your business. A business with a weak core is likely to fail. Be strong for your business by prioritizing yourself and self care. Establish a realistic balance of work and play. Play, when done in moderation, will strengthen you and your ideas. Keep fun at the center of your life and your business will benefit.

Identify marketing strengths and weaknesses

Some business people excel at marketing and some do not. Regardless of where you are at, examine the modes of marketing you utilize that are effective. Maybe digital marketing is your strength, experiment with promotional marketing such as yard signs, free give aways, etc. Lean into those modes and have fun with them. But, continue to grow your weakness by learning from others. You can sharpen your skills in no time with just a little bit of elbow grease.

Seek criticism

Any writer will tell you that editing is the most effective way to improve style. This is true for most areas in life. If you want to grow your business, look for a hash and truthful critic. Be open minded to new ideas. Embracing criticism is one of the fastest routes to success. Post your ideas and content on an anonymous portal or hire a consultant or reach out to your artistic resources..

Establish lasting bonds with customers

Your customers should be a top priority. Get to know them! Businesses depend on meaningful relationships. Invite your customers out for coffee or send them a personality quiz or even set up a zoom meeting with fun interview questions. Above all else, let your customers know that you care about them

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