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Why You Should Spend More Time Learning on YouTube

"I should? Isn't that a waste time?"

Yes, really you should! You may have heard that YouTube is all cat videos and falling down video rabbit holes. But in recent years YouTube has become a hub for information, innovation, and creativity of free online classes that are sure to give you skills that will propel your business forward. Being at home and even potentially being out of work has given many of us time to learn new skills and reflect on old ones. YouTube is quickly proving to be one of the best places for free information on the internet.

Are you looking for your next project? Here are some ideas of interesting or even career-boosting skills you can learn on YouTube:

1. Learn how to code

Code can give you the skills you need to put your ideas into an online format. As technology continues to advance, everyone will benefit from at least understanding the basics of code. And, in addition, you will gain unmatched problem solving and critical thinking skills.

2. Explore Adobe Application

Adobe tutorials are some of the most commonly watched videos on Youtube. Why? Because we live in a generation that relies heavily on visuals. With Photoshop, to Illustrator, to Premiere Pro and many more, you can exponentially enhance your storytelling skills and have fun while doing it.

3. SEO crash courses

Search engine optimization is sure to get your business seen. With SEO crash courses you will learn how to get your business seen first on Google. Because, honestly, who really goes beyond the first page. Do some research, you can learn how to get your company on the top.

4. Learn a new language

Depending on where you live, this skill could open many doors for you and your business. Spanish is always recommended. The ability to speak different languages can give your business more opportunities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Plus, learning linguistics is proven to strengthen cognitive skills.

5. Podcasting

As more people search for at home pastimes, many people have explored podcasts. To start a podcast, all you really need is a solid script and a recording device. Podcasting is simple and very popular right now. Get your voice out there, literally, and the rest will eventually come to you.

6. Writing

From blogs, to proposals, to resumes, to email campaigning, writing is important. Be honest, how often do you actually read every sentence of an article? Not very often, right? That’s why intriguing writing is important. Learn grammar, literary devices, editing skills, expand your vocabulary and learn how to effectively communicate your ideas in an interesting way to keep your audience engaged and excited.

7. Managing Social Media

Many people spend a large portion of their day on social media. Being interesting on social media isn’t natural to everyone, but it can certainly be learned. You can use social media to make your business go viral. All you have to do is study the formulas on each platform and follow suit.

8. Develop interpersonal skills

Have you every wanted to make conversation with someone, but you just don't know how to start? Or have you ever wanted to be just a little bit funnier? Whatever it is, there is a TedTalk for it. One TedTalk a day will keep the doctor away. Take notes while you watch and your personal habits are bound to flourish.

9. Just looking to have some fun?

In today’s world, many of us grow bored by being in the house all day long. Hobbies are sure to help you overcome boredom and learn new things about yourself. Learn: how to make quick edits & updates on your home cooking, keep up with trends in your industry, parenting advice, DIY crafts for the holidays, or even learning a new instrument. So now, it’s your turn to see what calls you!

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